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Aimgmt provides quality service to high net worth individuals covering many fronts. We inform our clients of the current trending top investment opportunities in the alternative investment arena. Aimgmt sources high quality wealth building products and opportunities through trusted channels. A lot of the opportunities on offer operate very discreetly much of which is privileged information and as such will only accept new subscribers on an invite only basis. Every opportunity undergoes a rigorous screening process to offer investors the best opportunities within the private investment world.

We make sure that most products have a proven track record and they do not put your capital at high risk. As a result, Alternative Investments Management offer quality not quantity in the range of products on offer that can satisfy high net worth clients. We have a team of researchers who scour the world looking for safe, secure, propositions before making them visible to our clients. All of the investments on our data base are safe investments with high returns that guarantee a return on investment.

Many of the products are ‘alternative’ meaning they do not involve stocks and shares and other mainstream investments which can be found in today’s complex world of investing. The alternative investments we look at must have a a good history and performance with no losses and backed by top firms

Wealth Building Strategies

Alternative Investments Management (AIMGMT) is a company committed to finding the best vehicles to place capital such as off market properties and trading programs. Every product we source has been carefully selected using our very strict selection process in order to offer the best products on the market. Investor can typically earn in excess of current bank interest and investments have been extensively trialed, tested, and assessed for a number of consecutive years before being launched.

Wealth Building Support

Our common goal is about understanding the needs of high net worth individuals. This enables us to find the right wealth building resource to meet their circumstance. Our connectors trust us because and our judgements because:

  • Our aim is to find low risk, high yielding quality investments
  • Where feasible we take on risks first by investing our own capital where possible and are able to review the investment vehicle first hand and can offer our opinion
  • We are investors looking for absolute return on investment without any capital loss
  • We enjoy what we do

The Private Market is regulated under International Law, providing access to a range of wealth building options not found in other markets. You will find the current wealth building opportunities listed on the sidebar of this website. If you want to learn more about them, please feel free to contact us.

About Us

Our history in project finance has paved the way for us to build extraordinary relationships with leading professionals and corporate bodies who have the common goal in providing solutions to high net worth investors and entrepreneurs. We are a mixture of investors and marketers who have built a solid network of finance professionals with a “can do” attitude. Working with our creative team network and associate partners, our knowledge base and depth of experience is well placed at the service of our clients.

Who We Work With

We work alongside family offices, hedge funds, investment clubs, asset management firms and financial trusts to get the best financial results for U/HNW clients. Some of our financial providers are top senior and seasoned professionals who work within the field of project finance. Our close connections include a range of bankers, traders, lawyers, property professionals and other specialists who can deliver results and open doors to new investment ideas.

Join Our Network Clubs

AIMGMT believes that making the right connections is integral part any business or investment. Going forth on a two prong approach, we offer solutions to both private investors and corporate entities which enables bother investors and service providers to network, thus building solid working relationships and present new opportunities to invest in products that can increase returns.

On the other hand, our services allow our members to bring awareness so that people make wise decisions in finding a financial and investment solution. The AIMGMT group provides transparency, credibility with our multiple service offering. We extend our business operations to help other individuals build their businesses network by using our platform